Meet our Steering Committee

Dedicated to Public Service

  • Jaime Velasquez (President) - Associate Director for Employer Relations, UIC Career Services
  • Jean Brown (Vice-President)
  • ​Shannon Bailey (Treasurer), GSA
  • ​Elizabeth Herrera (Secretary) - Director of Career Development and Major Exploration, UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • ​Marie Koko (Social Media/Communication) - Coordinator of Career Advising, Robert M La Follette School of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Edgar Delgado, (committee Member) Executive Director, Chicago Federal Executive Board
  • ​Cynthia (Cindy) Graham (Membership) - Assistant Director, Employer Relations, UIC Career Service
  • Christina Campbell (Special Events) - Career Advisor/Internship Coordinator, Lewis University
  • ​Martin Gahbauer (Internship Chair) - Executive Director, Weigand Center for Professional Excellence, Elmhurst
  • Bridgette Peterson (Committee Member), Loyola University
  • Danielle Burgess (Committee Member) Loyola University
  • James Connon, (Committee Member) Loyola University
  • Bruce Bloom (Committee Member) - President/Founder, Career Management Consultant
  • ​​​Carol Coston (Committee Member) - Assistant Director, Employer Relations, UIC Career Services
  • ​Gina Rodriguez, (Committee Member) - Chicago Federal Executive Board
  • ​​Darlene Harmon, M.S., (Committee Member) - AmeriCorps Project Manager, East Aurora School District
  • ​Mary M. Myers (Committee Member), Lewis University
  • ​Brad Hansher (Committee Member)
  • ​​India Worthem (Committee Member), Elmhurst College
  • Jeannette Tamayo (Committee Member), Visiting Senior Policy Advisor on Economic Development and Equity

In the Fall of 2020, the GCRC joined the Volcker Alliance G2U Network - The Government-to-University Initiative (G2U) is an innovative approach to addressing critical governance challenges by building regional networks of governments and universities. G2U sustainably connects government's hiring and research needs with local university capacity.

G2U is premised on the notion that bringing government and university leaders together is a powerful approach to strengthening government's ability to deliver on its mission. The enthusiasm from partners in government, universities, and the civic sector in regions across the country illustrates the promise and power of G2U collaboration in reshaping the future of government.

At the core of the G2U Initiative is a growing group of vibrant, regional networks connecting local, state, and federal government leaders with key faculty and administrators from surrounding colleges and universities. Regional networks also engage nonprofit, civic, and private sector leaders interested in strengthening these relationships. To complement these efforts, the Volcker Alliance fosters a "network of networks" to facilitate the rapid exchange of ideas and best practices and provide engagement opportunities with national organizations allied with G2U aims.

 Further information can be found here

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