Fall 2022

As we transition back to in-person events, we will continue virtual activities as needed to reach out and service those who find online events more convenient.  Please continue to visit our events page to learn about upcoming activities regarding agency information and career sessions.


The Government College Relations Council (GCRC) acknowledges the pain and sadness that many communities have experienced due to the senseless deaths of Laquan McDonald, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Williams, George Floyd, and others - and we grieve alongside all of you.

It is important to adhere to the First Amendment Rights, as our Constitution requires equal protection under the law. Peaceful protests against injustices in our country are protected under law; however, violent rioting, looting, and arson are not.  The GCRC does not condone the latter behavior which can contribute to anxiety and stress, which impacts the lives of our students, faculty, colleagues, and members.

We are committed to the goals of the GCRC and support our members in providing diverse & inclusive opportunities and services that merit growth and promote equality and equity. We resolve to better educate ourselves working toward the shared goal of social justice, all through the lens of our values of service, diversity, inclusion, education, support, and leadership.

GCRC Acknowledges the COVID19 Pandemic

During this challenging time of the COVID19 pandemic, the activities of the Government College Relations Council continue in a manner conducted safely under recommended CDC guidelines and protocols.  Our dedication to GCRC remains and we will...

  • Continue to hold on-site or virtual meetings with our members and community partners.
  • Update the GCRC website for all to stay informed of any events, meetings, and communication.
  • Work toward our mission, while instituting new protocols and introducing new affiliations.
  • Review and revise the GCRC Constitution.
  • Establish and adhere to appropriate health-conscious protocol.
  • Continue to provide service to the agencies and students who rely on us.

As we progress in the new 2021 year, please continue to follow the science and wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, and maintain a physical distance from one another. And more importantly, stay informed on the continued progress being made as we continue to work towards overcoming this pandemic.  www.cdc.gov


UIC- Government College Relations Council


Monday,  July 6, 2020


CHICAGO - The Chicago Federal Executive Board announced the 2020 annual winners, which featured a new award category for the first time open for external organizations, called the "Spirit of Service Award" provided to Jaime Velasquez, President of the UIC- Government College Relations Council.

This is a highly competitive review process. Winners are selected by a panel of judges and voted upon by the Executive Committee of the Chicago Federal Executive Board. The Executive Committee is comprised of Federal government agency leaders representing nearly 200 federal government agencies and nearly 50,000 federal employees across the Chicagoland area. Judges reviewed nominations and identified those that stood out for their extraordinary service to the public who had the greatest impact in the region.

In Jaime Velasquez's role as the President,Government College Relations Council he has worked diligently to expand the reach and impact of the GCRC by forging excellent partnerships with federal leaders and other key partnerships in an effort to provide resources and employment opportunities to students under the GCRC umbrella whose reach extends beyond the University of Illinois-Chicago where they are based.

"I am incredibly honored to receive this recognition from my peers," said Jaime Velasquez, President of the GCRC and Associate Director for Employer Relations, at the UIC Office of Career Services. "I share these accolades with the entire GCRC community and look forward to our ongoing engagement in an effort to ensure that students have fortified bridges to opportunity and success."

Jaime is currently the Associate Director for Employer Relations, in the UIC Office of Career Services. He has been with the UIC Office of Career Services for 26 years. He completed both his undergrad and graduate studies at UIC and is a proud, active and Life member of the University of Illinois Alumni Association. Apart from being passionate about working with UIC students, he has also organized UIC's major job fairs for the past 19 years and continues to develop UIC's reputation with employers throughout the region. In addition, he also coordinate's UIC annual outings to see the Chicago White Sox which is attended by over 1,800 people every year!

These key partnerships establish a foundation for a college-to-government pipeline building sustainable coalitions similar to that of the GCRC's fifty-plus year legacy. GCRC is proud of the accolades he is receiving today.

The Government College Relations Council's mission is, "is to foster career related communication and cooperation between college and government communities through the dissemination of new and relevant information and the formation of mutually beneficial relationships."

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